Serendipitous Events…

Not an organization…Not a group…Not a business…Not a conference production company…Not a meeting planner…Not a corporation


We ARE Guy, Donna and Bobette

We bring Magic and Wow and Heart and Warmth and Surprises and Sparkle and Love to gatherings of Human Beings seeking to come together for a unique experience …no matter what the purpose


If you have a reason to convene people into a space for learning, sharing, educating, business, connecting, teaching, joining, caring, playing, celebrating, honoring, achieving, acknowledging, or simply being…and you want to accomplish it in an effortless, efficient, wildly unique, meaningful, powerful manner …

Serendipitous Events can support you to have that happen.

With Great Joy and Boundless Energy,

we start from amazing and explode from there!

Oh yes…important for you to know:

If it’s not fun…we don’t play!


Here are a couple of “gatherings” that we have created, designed, developed, and SOLD OUT:

Conversation Among Masters (CAM) :   A unique event designed specifically and exclusively for Master Level Coaches of all kinds, from every corner of the world! If you meet the criteria, request an invitation so that you may join us at unequivocally THE most beloved (and FUN) gathering of experienced and successful Coaches anywhere! www.conversationamongmasters.com

CAMalot is an invitation-only pilot program for the doyens* of the coaching profession, and other remarkable people they admire. Invited attendees represent some of the most knowledgeable, successful, skilled, and fun coaches on the planet. The unique format of CAMalot provides an intimate, high-level experience unlike anything else experienced in the coaching community.